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About the Designer

Garavelli Jewelry is a family business run by the great-grandchildren of its founder, Mario Garavelli.  Elisabetta and her brother, Steffano Garavelli, design diamond and gemstone rings, earrings, bangles and pendants in their factory in Valenza, Italy. This jewelry takes on organic shapes with intricately set fine diamonds and gemstones. From sourcing stones with exquisite color and cut, to inspecting each finished piece, Garavelli maintains consistently high production standards, creating fine jewelry to be treasured for a lifetime.

Selectively Chosen for You

At Seattle Diamonds, we feature Garavelli jewelry because we share the belief that “the value of a jewel is not only the result of the precious material used in its production, but the time, experience and work of our craftsmen.” We showcase breathtaking rings and classic necklaces in 18kt gold and platinum for the most discerning jewelry collector.