Where It All Begins


First Appointment

This appointment is when we will discuss all the most important details of your engagement ring or jewelry piece, including your design, gem specifications, and project budget. With one of our GIA-trained staff, you will go over the best options for your budget to maximize value and beauty. This is the part of the process where major decisions like carat size, diamond shape, color, clarity, and cut should be decided.

To provide you with the best possible price and keep miscellaneous fees such as shipping to a minimum, we will get a 50% deposit to begin the design and gemstone selection process. We will never pressure you to make a deposit or purchase. This is the choice of a lifetime, and it should only be made once all your questions are answered, and you feel confident & empowered in making these important decisions. Then, we can roll up our sleeves and get to work for you.

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Choosing Your Diamond

For items like engagement rings, diamond studs, and most pieces with large or statement stones, we will have you come in for a diamond selection appointment. At this appointment, you will get to see the gemstones our gemologists have hand-selected from the market for you. You will be able to look at each stone, compare them, and select the stone that makes your heart sing. Any other design details and sizing will be confirmed at this appointment.

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The Design

During this same appointment, we will narrow down design details based on your desires. We will discuss the three different modes of jewelry construction, their individual benefits, and which option makes the most sense for you. We will also confirm sizing.

Designing is a collaborative process — we listen, review ideas, and provide suggestions based on your individual style and vision. Checks and balances implemented throughout the process ensure clients are heard and understood, and the final product fulfills your dreams.

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Pick Up Your New Jewelry

When your new dazzling jewelry is completed and ready for pickup, we will help you get set up with insurance and collect remaining balance payments. Then, you will be on your way with a gorgeous new gift for your loved one — or yourself!

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The most important step — the moment everything else leads up to. The proposal! They said yes! Congratulations, and don’t forget to tag us in the engagement pictures!

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Our Commitment to You

We work by appointment only to ensure each person who walks through our doors is fully attended to and taken care of. We place the utmost importance on satisfying our clients and helping to create memories that last a lifetime.