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About the Designer

New York City based designer, Vatche Aghjayan, has been passionate about making jewelry from a very young age. Initially, Vatche became inspired by a local master goldsmith who recognized his bourgeoning interest design and guided him in the process of jewelry fabrication. Under the master’s tutelage, Vatche’s creative talent grew, and he was quickly recruited to work for a renowned jewelry manufacturer at the age of twenty. With a profound philosophy centered on his ideals of creating classic designs destined to last for generations, Vatche began his own company in 1988 doing just that.

Selectively Chosen For You

Vatche is well known for his signature, royal crown, trellis-style, engagement rings. This design incorporates a cathedral setting with crossing prongs. The royal crown creates the illusion of a loop beneath the diamond – a symbol of both togetherness. Whether choosing an engagement ring from the Vatche collection or designing your own in gold or platinum with one of our professional staff, your engagement ring is “meant to be cherished and adored from generation to generation”.