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Diamond rich areas were discovered in Canada in the early 1990’s. Since this discovery, Canadian diamonds have been a top demand for consumers who are focused on ethically sourced diamonds. As of 2021, a majority of new diamonds coming out Canada are certified CanadaMark diamonds, although some other Canadian diamonds are still out there.

Quality and Ethics

Canada currently produces some of the best quality diamonds in the world as well. They are have become popular over the last two decades due to their ethical mining practices and continual effort to aid in the elimination of conflict diamonds globally. Federal, territorial and First Nations agreements put in place a stringent tracking system of diamonds that protects the “conflict-free” status of Canadian Diamonds. All CanadaMark diamonds are tracked through independent, audited process at every stage from the mine of origin to the polished stone.

Processing & Certification

From the initial sorting stage, your CanadaMark diamond will be assigned a unique identification number. From that point on, diamonds are diligently and independently tracked and audited to ensure authenticity. When the CanadaMark diamond is cut & polished, that unique serial number is laser engraved on its girdle, along with the CanadaMark logo. This inscription can been seen with a jewelers loupe or under a microscope, but is too small to be seen with the naked eye. The diamond certificate that comes along with the CanadaMark stone will have the same serial number. Independent, third-party organizations also evaluate & grade CanadaMark stones to verify all stones are natural, Earth-produced diamonds (not synthetic or lab-grown) and untreated.

up close image of CanadaMark engraving on diamond
Canadian diamonds are tracked

Most Canadian diamond rough gems are sold to multinational cutters with facilities primarily in India. Traditional craftsmanship in combination with high-tech scanners & laser mapping allows diamond polishers to cut & polish the most beautiful stone possible out of rough stone. As of 2021, very rarely are diamonds cut and polished in Canada.

Active Canadian Mines

As of 2021, Canadian diamonds come from the Ekati, Diavik, and Gahcho Kué mines in Canada’s Northwest Territories, about 125 miles south of the Arctic circle. These mines lead the industry in environmental stewardship and waste management practices with Indigenous-led wildlife monitoring programs, and industry-leading water recycling and composting systems. Preferential hiring practices and training programs for northern populations also mean these mines are at the forefront of community engagement, strengthening communities and improving lives in the area of operation.