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About the Designer

Toby Pomeroy began to develop his commitment to a life in balance while growing up in India. Inspired by the patient craftspeople around him and touched by the natural beauty of the environment, Toby became fascinated with nature-influenced design. Toby Pomeroy’s studio is comprised of a handful of young artists who share his fascination with texture and form, who also love to work with their hands. Today, Toby Pomeroy, is a world leader in creating environmentally sustainable and socially responsible jewelry.

Selectively Chosen for You

We are proud to carry Toby Pomeroy, one of the world’s first designers to offer engagement and wedding rings created from responsibly mined and refined gold and platinum.  We support artisanal mining communities, mining gold and platinum without the use of toxic chemicals while also caring for our environment. By marrying timeless design with social responsibility, Toby Pomeroy, creates beautiful, sustainable jewelry that is “true gold”.