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About the Designer

Victor Mayer has achieved international fame by their expert use of enameling. In 1890, Victor Mayer, began making enameled jewelry in Germany. Today the company is run by Victor’s great-grandson who has perfected the technique of enameling jewelry. The enameling process requires the repeated application of mineral substances and subsequent firing of colors, layer after layer. In the end, the finished piece reveals many colors, and combined, they create the famous textures and shine that Victor Mayer is known for. Not limited to enameling, Victor Mayer, also employs the unique and shimmering effects of guilloche engraving. In this process, pendants and cufflinks are given depth by using geometric patterns. The patterns are created by cutting tiny facets onto the surface of the precious metal, allowing it to sparkle like a gemstone.

Selectively Chosen For You

A master of both tradition and innovation, Victor Mayer lockets and pendants are each a true work of art. As a prospective client, you may choose from elements such as: guilloche engraving, exotic gemstones and enamels to create your own unique piece. Victor Mayer jewelry is inspired by nature, the art of enameling and engraving and made for the most sophisticated collectors of fine jewelry.