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About the Designer

Simon Ghanimian learned the value of honest, hard work from his parents in Lebanon. They taught him to create with his hands, that way, he would never go hungry. What started as an interest in engineering became a passion for design and a way of survival. With only a couple hundred dollars and desire to make a new life for himself in the U.S., Simon began setting diamonds in New York and became inspired to create his own designs. Simon found buyers were receptive to his exceptionally crafted designs, so he set out to sell his creations. While traveling in Los Angeles, Simon found both personal and professional success, meeting his wife there and eventually was able to open his own jewelry business. At City Hall, a clerk told him his name was too long-inspiring the company name, Simon G.

Selectively Chosen for You

Seattle diamonds proudly showcases Simon G. engagement rings and wedding bands because “what makes Simon G. special lies not only in its stunning designs, but also in the careful attention to detail. Just like any relationship, it’s all the little things that add up to the big picture.” Simon G. exceptionally accommodates our client’s customization requests, always keeping the wearer in mind. All Simon G. rings are made by hand and go through several rounds of quality control throughout the process of fabrication and finishing. Everyone from Simon himself, to the diamond setters and goldsmiths on staff have incredible skill sets that enable Simon G. to craft beautiful, long-lasting jewelry worthy of our customer’s most special moments.