Gelin Abaci

About the Designer
With over 50 years of experience in the fine jewelry industry, Gabriel Gelin and Sam Abaci have established themselves in the United States as the premier purveyor and manufacturer of modern style, tension-set engagement rings. From their factory in Southern California, Gelin Abaci, has developed a remarkable prong-less stone setting technology, allowing the maximum amount of light to pass through a diamond – creating incomparable brilliance.
Selectively Chosen for You
Gelin Abaci’s contemporary tension set diamond engagement rings are available in 14kt and 18kt gold, platinum and palladium500. Each tension-set ring is made to the exact scale and measurements of the intended diamond or gemstone by use of a computerized scanning device. There is approximately 65 to 95 pounds applied to a stone which is greater than a typical four or six prong setting. This unique tension style has proven to perform well with normal wear and tear.

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