About the Designer
The Ideal2 was designed by the finest craftsman to bring to the market the only Hearts & Arrows square diamond in the world. The key to its unmatched beauty is in its patented ideal proportions: Only a diamond cut to precise, predetermined angles can be “ideal.” The Ideal2 is mined, cut, and polished in Canada to bring to light the truest form of quality and integrity. Each Ideal2 diamond takes five times longer to polish than a comparable round diamond. The craftsmanship and beauty of the diamond cannot go unnoticed by both the wearer and admirer.
Selectively Chosen For You
Seattle Diamonds applauds and supports Ideal2’s dedication to sourcing diamonds that are conflict free. As purveyors of conflict-free diamonds, we recognize the social footprint of the industry and understand that careful stewardship will continue to show positive changes in societies that benefits us all. Every Ideal2 diamond comes with a certificate of authenticity. Ask us about our Canadian diamonds to bestow upon your favorite engagement design.

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