Pascal LaCroix

About the Designer
Pascal LaCroix is an award winning jewelry designer from France, designing beautiful, handcrafted jewelry from his adopted home in northern California. Having learned the art from his father, a celebrated goldsmith and sculptor in Europe, Pascal designs adornment specific to the body of wearer with both intention and purpose. Designs are all hand finished by the designer himself, from concept to finishing, his work is a testament to his devotion to his craft. Pascal LaCroix has “over 35 years of excellence and awards for the making of luxury hinged bracelets” for a sophisticated, international clientele.
Selectively Chosen For You
A master of his craft, Pascal LaCroix, painstakingly fabricates 14kt and 18kt white and yellow gold bracelets to your specifications. By using exact measurements of your wrist-the ideal bracelet can be designed to fit you both specifically and beautifully. Pascal chooses only the most perfect diamonds for each of his hand made creations, delivering each piece with honor and joy in celebration of life’s most precious moments.

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