Sasha Primak

About the Designer
Sasha Primak, formerly a Russian engineer, began his jewelry career training under a master jeweler in Rome. There Sasha learned old-world jewelry making techniques. After completing his studies in metal art, he moved to New York City to hone his skills. In 1978, Sasha established a jewelry company and has since become a distinguished, full-service jewelry manufacturer. Owning a company that bears his name, Sasha Primak, continues to personally oversee his signature jewelry production process to ensure that each piece is made to his high quality standards for a discerning buyers.
Selectively Chosen for You
With a reputation built on quality and craftsmanship, we proudly feature Sasha Primak customizable diamond engagement rings and eternity bands as well as statement rings, all made with conflict-free diamonds. For over 30 years, Sasha Primak, has been at the forefront of innovation, design and service. With dozens of customization options, we invite our clients to become a part of the creative process and design your own ring with Seattle Diamonds and Sasha Primak, where every ring is “the way it’s meant to be”.

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