Whitehouse Brothers

About the Designer
Since 1898, Whitehouse Brothers has been making European, vintage-inspired engagement rings and wedding bands from their jewelry studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. Whitehouse Brothers is one of the very few manufacturers who fabricate their rings from recycled metals, using the “die struck method.” The “die struck method” strengthens 14kt, 18kt and Platinum, making their rings far superior to cast jewelry. By creating a more robust ring, intricate, delicate details will stand the test of time. Whitehouse Brothers rings are built to be enjoyed for generations.
Selectively Chosen For You
Whitehouse Brothers use responsibly sourced diamonds and are made from 100% recycled metals. Their designs are inspired by popular vintage motifs including: Art Nouveau, the Edwardian period and the abstract patterns of the 1920’s, as well as classic, traditional styles. Every detail is given full consideration, from assembly, to stone setting, to engraving. With Old World craftsmanship and modern ingenuity, Whitehouse Brothers creates new vintage classics.

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